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in many acute cases the simple evacuation of the subperiosteal abscess is
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sion. The patient is apt to do as well in a week after
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the base of the })edicle, which was then excised. Sev-
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2. Early hyperthyroidism may be the cause of a heart neurosis.
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brilliant effort of a most eminent jurist failed to give
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built by Scott & Co., of Bowling, Scotland, in 1886,
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the Naval Examining Board, Washington, D. C , November 1st.
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Figure 1 .—A, The diagram of lumbar vertebral embryogenesis illustrates paired
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but have never succeeded in finding one. Several weeks ago, how-
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into the actUe stage and when the process of suppuration has commenced, may
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died in this hospital, of renal dropsy, and in whom I could detect
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" It is usually stated that this condition was known to Celsus, but he does
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ny times the man is too quick for the woman, or rather the
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event of childbirth may be an important factor in predisposing to
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ning their course uuaffected in any way by the existence of the
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Nicholas Senn, professor of surgery in Rush Medical
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17. Bloor, W. R. : The Determination of Cholesterol in Blood, Jour. Biol.