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by. Dr. Collins having lived so long in Sing Sing seemed to many
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bonate of potassium or the bicarbonate of potassium or
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extremely feeble, and the pulse threadlike and uncountable; the extremities
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A. The life of the pneumococcus in moist sputum is of considerable
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I. That it is smaller, lighter, and more portable than any other form of
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the solution, thus covering the septum on both sides
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of the fact that diminished heat loss and not increased heat production
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cott, of Chicago, 111., sends us a report of the following very rare
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or after he reaches it, as well as to direct the attention of the
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Derby the whole of the staff connected with the hospital had been
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occurs in the hog. It rarely occurs in this country, but is preva-
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from forty-five to ninety days to cure a 12-pound to a 20-pound ham. The hogs,