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tient should be put at his ease before the examination

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•54082 Alembic Club reprints. Nos. 1- Edin. 1893-

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Eomans, had come to mean bodily sanity ; and the religion

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and pronunciation. The English i is really not a simple vowel-

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in contact with the alkanet root, it soon becomes, it is

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Malignant Stricture of the Rectum. Exhibited by Mr GEORGE

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above noted accessible to all classes of society ; and in

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some limits should be placed to the performance of such good offices. Poverty,

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affection ; the dyspnoea being always most urgent in cold weather.

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of imperialistic ambition, and folk talked seriously of

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If we were asked what we considered the greatest dan-

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patient should be administered, from the first, three drops

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in the different districts the names of the unregistered persons and

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Second case, 3J years ; within forty-eight hours the wound was

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the initial stage of skin congestion, the pains, and the terminal eruption.

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-administered did not suffer, it is evident that considerable quantities may

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Every article that ever appeared has injured the surgeon

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the i^sland of Cuba who sliould iiav(^ dir(!ct charj^e of

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of the period of Incubation which has often been noticed.

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The disorders of vision in hysteria have been studied by —

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by 8 per cent, or if he performs such movements as would be necessary for

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from syphilitic symptoms, but the father, who is a night

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lobe contralateral to the proposed resection, then the patient

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Fleas commonlv found on Rats in India. After Listen