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tial suppression of the secretions, and usually delirium,

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$?.00, Petaskey, $8.50, Killarney, $2.00, Parry Sound, 75c. From Sarnia :

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and the genuineness of the hypnosis. Dr. Birdsall said,

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tubercles less typical; (3) a layer, chiefly epithelioid cells, which

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fourteen hours. Almost all the men had a severe diar-

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•3415 Brocher, Charles, Cours de droit international prive',

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Neuralgia, Local massage for local neuralgia, Graham, I)., 573,

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by inserting the nail or the handle of any instrument between

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1834, one company was detached as an escort to a caravan of traders to

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Ordinarily a hundred volumes of water will hold but

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expelled through the same unnatural aperture. The child was a male,

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Putzar, and others. Charcot, Guerard, and Frommann are among those

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between 23 and 27 days before the onset of symptoms.

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(1) Pneumonic ])lague is highly contagious (less than

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the conclusion that " If the behavior of the wound is

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certain quarters, and is often the cause of much pain and annoy-

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little IiIimhI whs noticed in the labia. This came apparently