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with polychrome methylene blue safranin etc. there may be seen
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When a good deal of plaster has to be removed especially if
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the cause of the great mortality which befell them.
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the filling of the capsular space with exudate and debris with resulting
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phenomena associated with them will afford a fuller elucida.
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In the consideration of this topic of prophylaxis and
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E. A peculiar kind of dyspepsia which might be called of
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tion stage or later. Orchitis often double with effusion into tunica
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growing pyogenetic cocci. From practical experience I should recommend
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The measures of reliability or the probable errors for the two
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ciated with the Klebs Loeffler bacillus in diphtheria are
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salpingitis is much more rare. In the great majority of
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given with the twofold idea of teaching a nurse in her
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have no effect on the development of tetanus. He considers chloral
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trated than by the case of the gall bladder. Courvoisier has laid it
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sixty three hysterectomies were performed in one institution and
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Exposure to chill and cold winds must be especially avoided. A
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was considerable bulging of the dura. The trocar was inserted
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specimens of interest and instruction to the observer.
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