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exanthematic typhus is very generaL Males and females, strong,
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Indeed, clinicians know that the constitutional psychasthenic
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Clause 2 was next considered. This clause detines the general
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neither fulness nor pain on pressure along the penis, or in the
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ol lace, extremities, eyes, lips, tongue, difficulty in swallowing or breathing) and to take no more drug until they have
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affected side, renders the patient unable to whistle ; expuition is imperfect,
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" gormandising " ; but I knew a picture of Christian in the Valley of Death,
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and that the rat was a factor. It seemed to him (Dr. Farrar) that the flea
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will not produce syphilitic ulcers, and that Gronorrhoea will not be
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with a Thiersch pack. On the morning of March 5, after
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Postmortem: Much emaciated. Skin discolored. Ears purplish. Ingui-
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a general infection with a secondary intestinal lesion, are not very
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pleased to say that at last accounts Dr. Harvey was doing well.
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dysentery which can be distinguished from B. Flexner by careful
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illustrations. Edited by Robert Bridges, M. D. In one large royal 12mo volume, of bOO
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ular constitution of the germ-plasm may be modified in one or other
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6. Ottenhoff THM. Immunology of Leprosy: Lessons from
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Subjective symptoms are sometimes absent ; more often, however, during
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meridian, so that the direction of the artificial pupil will be
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monia, haemoptoic pulmonary congestion, pulmonary oedema,
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1 Read before the Chicago Medical iSociety, November 11, 1908.
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forward in that particular study; that one faculty is developed at the expense of
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after death. The membranes of the brain were congested, and there was a
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\Mlliams describes my mechanism as follows : " Hart expressed
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depending on the situation, and the nature of the accident ; and in proportion to
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thelium with the nucleated cells of plants, is too obvious to
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those changes which belong to stated periods of life. These
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^^M Dr. James Armour was elected Pi-ofessor of Midwifery and
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are less marked the condition is referred to as semi-cretinism or a
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Operations at University College Hospital, 2 p.m. : St Mary's, 2pm.;
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been once experienced, the susceptibility thereafter ceases. This is the rule,
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solid particles, entirely swamps the feeble light emitted by
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Term," which are adverse to such extension. This paper is
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object on his right side. The vestibular pull causes the eyes to deviate
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late the dose. the most practical means of prevention
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and prevented the bed-sores from forming, this case,
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sorrow and grief to the survivors, but spreads want
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