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expand in a radiating manner, forming a close network of vessels

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lieved by lliort accounts of the marches and counter-marches of

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1902, a Joint Isolation Hospital for small-pox and other

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upper, second space; left, nipple line; action regular, slow, forcible; second

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peripheral terminations of the nerves. It diminishes sexual appe-

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his paper (see p. 24), adding that, moreover, no one has ever felt a lux-

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The anomalous movements described by S. Weir Mitchell under the name

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When the type of the fever is malignant, or of a severe and

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play, and save the life of the patient, do the radical operation.

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abdomen, and other means calculated to allay irritation and

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purulent coagula of the veins, in only 5 did peritonitis occur, and

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severe collapse. Early operation was imperative without

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in the report were of vital importance, the paper be re-

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tical value to the profession. Cloth, size 5x7 1-2, 64

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as a natural result of these initial derangements, the for-

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symptoms. Ptyalism was produced before he entered the house,

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walk. De Quincey had to obey — and hold one eye shut

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for the government of the members of the profession; should honor the fra-

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begging the Editors of the Repository, if they should think

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pursues its steadfast course, confident that fads and systems

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As regards passengers, 211 were injured in derailments; 193 in collisions,

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jpost-mortem clot occupied the primary artery. In one of its-

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signs of disease discovered in this manner, to correlate, and to unify them into a

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reference to the itching referred to by Dr. Libman,

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are in the dark, just as the canals enable us to appreciate passive

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ondary syphilis the hemoglobin percentage of the blood

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concluded that all the fibers of contraction constituting the stricture were

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Being unable to find in the current literature any remarks bearing

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3. Bread— 1 slice 4 inches square and three-eighths inch thick=l ounce.

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that the phagocytes of this organ behave to them as to

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the tongue cannot assist in bringing the food back between the teeth, and

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under treatment for increased blood-pressure. Her physician

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scope is invaluable as an aid. A Physician may treat diseases

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trium. This mass extended from the pelvis to 2 cm. above the

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strychnin should not-be used. Arsenic may be given. Courses

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However, careful palpation disclosed the seat of the appendix, its

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Under what conditions are these ocular complications manifested? Mr.