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Fio. 58.— Fibrosarcoma, recurrent after 3 operative removals ; cured by x-rays, and no
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The muscles of the wails of the chest and abdomen where cut across,
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Hospital, Dr. Graham. Sec. c, Wed., Sat., 9 : 00-11 : 00, Central Free Dispensary,
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secundis horis ad effectum; enema terebinth, pil. cal. et scill. ter. in
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aggravation of the inflammatory condition of the parts was ever produced by tiiis internal and
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ments was carried out last winter, beginning November 3rd.) To
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of dilute acid solutions to counteract the lime. At the
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each case unquestionably a valuable clinical and pathological
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is found in herds, some of which are said to consist of ten thou-
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the death of the animal from pseudotuberculosis of the lung.
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44 per remedies being applied, the mother recovered
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tion of the iron in the food, a power similar to that by the exercise
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mains and the possible presence of disease germs, Orpan
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Mr. Spreull, have been working for some time to devise a
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with a change of house surgeons and dressers every six to twelve
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system very largely in establishing the breed, attempts were
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the former in five gr. pills, one three times a day, after meals.
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cured, 40 permanently relieved, 2 died, and 3 incurable, — 30
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intense paroxysms. This occurs when only one kidney is af-
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Only a few cocci and diplococci found. The tissue was in a
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takes place in all infectious or feverish diseases, in emaciation, in
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is derived, and some of the two per cent, solution of
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inspections among the working classes has given rise to a
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as in ascites, bronchial catarrh, emphysema and tuber-
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have frequently applied castor oil to the abdomen under
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lactose, saccharose, mannite, arabinose and xylose. The reaction upon
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but on account of the ragged detachment and collapse of this stubby
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