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to say — in the work of the Auxiliary Medical Defense Committee, the

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on board the steamer Union — a period of over twenty-

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to such an accident ; for irrigation and curetting and

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gastric juice with the patient's own intestinal fluids. Dr. Charles

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Cruveilhier mentions that it is not rare to find a knuckle of

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which is not limited to the parts which have been affected with these vaso-

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tated in the selection of a topic. Of material there is

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University of Maryland had begun to prepare its own

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commission, with M. Gavarret as President, to revise and publish a new edition

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generally isogamous — i. e., the male and female cells indistinguish-

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under the acromion." Treves, op. cit., p. 191. " Several purposes are served by the

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rus. I hope to be able to get copies of them to send home.

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anterior papillse of the tongue. On the other hand, Koplik's spots and

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factories. Their prosperity consists in getting all the students

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nate — Alumnol; Dermatology — Aristol; Skin Dis-

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" 4th. That this feeble condition of the right heart is frequently here-

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University of Eome, and Surgeon to the Hospital of San

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tervals during that period she had recurrence of this combination of

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those of the limbs, associated with gastro-intestinal disturbance,

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1 Chemical Analysis. — Nux vomica is well known as a flat round kernel, about

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as abnormal, provided the proper conditions have been fulfilled

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tient were occasioned by the elongation of this appendix. All in-

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An examination of themuscular activity of the stomach

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than ftrom any other. It is worthy of remark however, that the same beneficial infli*

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ity would not have been more than ten per cent. In Willard Parker Hospital

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is reached. Chauveau shows by experiment with his instrument, that corres-

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which he had tried the medicine, two were advanced cancers of the breast, and

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fevers. The average {)eriod of incubation is not well ascertained. It is vari-

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excited by the liquid which had been given to him. The vomited matters

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jority both tonsils were removed, although tliis number does not show the

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constantlv borne in mind by every fair-minded surgeon, and

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lowed the convulsive attacks. During the four years from

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Gir.MOfvE. Samuel, L.R.C.P.Edin.. to the Workhouse Infirmary and

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wise would. I have observed this especially in children about

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its side, struggled a little with its feet, and ceased to breathe in another

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The liver is rather soft, and the capsule presents a few patches of thicken-

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mittent fever and diphtheria were less prevalent in November,

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The third type, arteriosclerotic heart disease, is the

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it to cause you to bear it in mind when you are mak-

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19.24; 3S7 jiatients were treated in the Convalescent

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probable that a mere atony of the intestinal fibre might have