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with decrease of polynuclears and without increase of total leukocytes. A.

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at a particular tension or partial pressure of oxy-rcn. This oipiation is a-

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The diiPt (iMfiila cnii in tliiM ens*' lie iiiiuh' »'itln'r for tin- sulmiaxillaiy

azithromycin dose medscape

the way of the disturbance in function of other organs than the kidney, and

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» Archiv f, exp. Path. u. Pharm., 1900, xliii, 321.

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ill, liciwcvcr, siiow that this (•(.iicliisioii is iiiiti'iiai)Ic, partly hccaiisc tin

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The bacterial intoxication theory may apply to most of the cases, but

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unconmion in the later stages. As a rule, the constitutional disturbances

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bility of a syphilitic origin of the thyroid alteration. Abrahams has reported

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'liiile in both the blood and the uiine. Kach constituent must be eon-

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'i'licsf iMT lH'ovidcd l)\ til.' Nyiii|i;illi(|ic rli;iiii .iiid its IhmiicIics (Fin. 'i'iSi.

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given for a week or ten days at a time, has seemed helpful.

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tracting simultaneously at certain periods and with visible, palpable (shock),

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!■■ held in standstill for some time by vastus stimulation, the beats arc

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till' Mida li L'N'aOll ■ ( ()_ llj » Na_('0 > . |!\ w.'l'^liilif,' llics." ah

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carried by the blood or by the lymph current; infection of the kidney may be

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* I cannot pass over in silence a peculiar instance of evident

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as to render the joints abnormally movable. (Edema is a trophic disorder,

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gonorrhoea, prostatic hypertrophy, etc., and m many cases of descendmg

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th.' .lenominator of th jualion an.l write it |ll-| • lOll'l - K. II

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iinltiii._' the liiikin- nil „\- nil,, •■ aiiiinn ad. I -i p^ tn inrni 1 1 i|,cpt idc-. nr

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salicylates, but no particular drug has as yet been found to offer any especial

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pueris prassertim, itemque in aliis qui soleant ver-

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to Doctor |{. W. S,-ott a, id l'roless,ii |-'. K, |,l,,yd, for valiiahle criiieism

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liy applying: Motlini.' paper at reirular intervals to the puncture (I)iikc'

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on the other side, until the c(|nililiiium point is reached, j-'or example.

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the diseased side; and when the a;-rays show the presence of a calculus

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The result is a very variable picture. "The enlarged bones are abnor-

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u.' iviiiciiiImt tiiat aft.'i' two or llinv .lays .,f starvation all of tlio ax.i!-

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vessels involved, such as the afferent, efferent, and straight vessels. If dilute

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1 '\Mr of the bodx' to produce specific proteases has been the subject

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therapy. Systolic blood pressures in chronic interstitial nephritis are very

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Although not directly concerned with the digestive function, it will be

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secondary to infectious or rheumatic conditions, but there jseem to be good

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From the frequent finding of an enlarged thymus in exophthalmic goitre,