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blings on the truth, of which we have many examples.

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in connection with a lesion anatomically restricted to the Rolandic area

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are best employed at night. In the morning, the lotion should be washed

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diminished sensibility of the parts. The extent to which bleeding could

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ceptible after the third application, and has continued for about twelve

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periodicities in the epidemics of whooping-cough. The average intervals

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convinced that angina is essentially a neuralgic disease. Some have

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course of which, a great variety of remedies were tried, as cold

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on the 21 st of May, of a fit of indigestion. The date of the attempt

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Doilituj and filtration are also applicable in the field. One min-

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nately for 24 hours. They are the only members of the medical

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symptoms are noteworthy ; in addition the signs of anemia as found

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Maclaren, p. H., M.D., to be Assistant-Surgeon Edinburgh County

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married, and took his wife back with him as far as Shangai.

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The pupils are urged forward by their teachers, in some instances,

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surgery. The symptoms of descensus are multiple but those referable

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of lead (gr. 1-2), tincture of hamamelis (tT|^30-60), and chloride