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predisposing causes to disease are much less than they were fifty years ago, because

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concerning the diagnosis and treatment of the skin diseases which commonly

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many of the most promising cases being now selected for litho-

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In five years (from 1837 to 1841) snow fell on 55 days, and

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Calling off; and persons already bald may soon dispense with their wigs if they will

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function. Therefore, in line with these observations, three

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greyish, or dark colored matter, and all Pulmonary affections.

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ever arduously courted and sought to associate with these wicked beings ; and many

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ziness; and next vomiting. Painters are unhealthy in appearance, subject to colic,

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The usual pulse-rate for adults is given as 72 per minute.

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keep a correct carriage and escape many afflictions that arise from careless disobe-

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perhaps for a fortnight or three weeks. — Bulletin GSneral de TJUro"

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1866. The one, which I have called noematachograph, serves

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burial known as the "Potter's Field," the which, if burials be continued therein,

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The evils of masturbation are manifold to both sexes. Its practice exhausts the

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patient has acquired a slight tolerance for salt. The highest

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On the day following pain in the head was very bad. Calomel

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secrete the product, and the particular species of organism

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are frequently temporary changes in the visual field occurring

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normal. The abdomen is not distended, there is no tenderness

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by several wood engravings; a report on the medical cases

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which will be again referred to. If this cannot be obtained,

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connecting the unatrophied band with the bronchial wall At

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ToxTPEPTONB (toks-e-pep'ton). A poisonous proteid or albuminoid

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All who reflect on this subject, it is presumed, will admit that our employments

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the chemist who wishes to ascertain what are the peculiar changes

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of twenty, and thousands commence this life as early as fourteen or fifteen years, or

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use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.

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took no notice of it, dilating on a supposed enlargement of the capillaries of the

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stance in England, M. Demarquay gives the results of his own

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more manageable, and more miscible with water. Further, if

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and the patient threw up mucus reddened with blM)d and even

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Optic and Oculomotor Apparatus. — Vision is normal. Oph-

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Epitonic (ep-e-ton'ik) . Abnormally tense or tonic; exhibiting an

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be excited in them ; therefore, your friendship and love, as they beam forth from your

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this way, unless we are to suppose the impossibility that men and women can always

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that the ' General History,' for which such extensive materials

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has not been of such long standing as to have completely got mastery of the whole