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to remedy the evils existing in the present methods of holding coroner's
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The treatment of ligamentous sprains is summarized by Cheattle:
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fiesta xviii. grains, mixed and divided into six powders, of which give one
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we have a constitutional affection to deal with. We ought carefully
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a quiet life, if possible a rural life. A moderate amount of
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and the recommendations for the management of those with
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ligated ; the supply of arterial blood to the brain being thereby,
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poniah the accused, he directed or advised those prt^sent to. stop
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The left ovary was in its place and healthy." — Med, Times and Oaz,,
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body and renders them less adhesive, sticky and tenacious. It
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with co-ordination, but no true paralysis. Wernicke's aphasia is due to
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of hearing, and lastly of sight. In none of these cases, however, can im-
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made after defibrination. The fibrin is removed either before or
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from the mouth of the Congo. He favours the idea that nearly all
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portions of the rectus muscle down to the peritoneum
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speedily and effectively ensure the return to the front of those sick or
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three groups, rotating through year, and being responsible
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tubular swelling involving the superficial layers. It may constrict the
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beyond the sarcolemmatous sheath, and if the trichina be near the
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cian, Dr. John Semple. She was 25 years old, and first menstruated at
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regarded as pointing to a rise of the radial pressure.^ It is quite
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tose, although admitting the difficulties that stand in the way of this
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allowing only a poor diet. The best remedies are probably sooth-
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the feet, there will be a constant tendency to correction in the position
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source of danger in the use of the Hudson River ice
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advance in technique of the surgical treatment of diseases of the brain
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feeling like that of a frog's spawn. On squeezing the lung,
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perature of the body. There is a yellowish tinge of the
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National Conference on Rural Health and the National
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faulty blood supply or mal formation, which ma}- be congenital. Stal-
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a renewed sense of self-esteem and to rub off the careless attitude
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■will find gives prompt relief in retention of urine, is unequalled iM*Pyelitis, Cystitis,
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that if these thrombi are formed of parasitic elements, and not of inert
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The inner cover contains two safety pins, a piece of waterproof
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was crowded with personages known more or less — for
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the Laboratory two hours each week throughout the year.
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death ; although recovery has taken place under treatment after 2|
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tion the surgeon manipulates the fragments. The traction must