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the powers of a strong, highly cultivated, and well-balanced mind ;

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abrasions and superficial tears in the mucous membrane caused by the

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cle, Plate I.) have contributed largely to the views now generally

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and also, as Chiari, in a recent case, had the opportunity

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nectomy, McKillip's operation. Dr. Geo. R. White, Nashville;

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fol was, without exception, acid. Hence it follows that strong acids, or a body

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at navel; (J) lung capacity; (g) foot length; (h) flat feet; (i) hand grip;

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they protect the intrinsic pathway of thrombin formation

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lies is completely cut off from the circulation. A slight blow, or wound,

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the hypochlorite solutions were removed and placed in small test-

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fire. The shepherd is the most important person to look

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of medicine in the Borough of Queens, died on November 5th,

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of the prevalent diseases of this climate ; he is said to have

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avoided ; this may lead to great loss of substance and the formation of an ob-

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All animals at this time are naturally shy, so that they

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preventative or state medicine, the last child in our art and

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Contribntions to tne Pharmaceutical Action of Tartar Emetic. By Dr. Ackeemann . ib.

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to 99 ; the pulse became much feebler, and diarrhoea set in, the

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this country— the abject deference which is rendered to the opinions

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A few words as to the importance of fluids in the sys-

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The muscles of the body are kept in a constant state of con-

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the diseased surfaces, recourse may be had to one of the many

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vaccinated syphilis, without regard to the fact that a particular symptom

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his blood serum gave a weakly positive test. His spinal fluid gave a positive

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was adopted as a type of chemical stimuli. According to Shel-

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help in regard to both diagnosis and treatment. More than a year

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tions are common enough. The facts presented would seem to

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that it collects so much in one volume. If we have any adverse com-

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The bowels should be kept in a soluble, easy condit on, using for the

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gradually reducing the temperature of the bag from 20 to 40 .