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Committee last year. Bill at present is a bachelor with
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The following case presents several points of interest Young man
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In leucocythcemia the spleen and lymphatics are enlarged often enor
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I thought perhaps it might run along two or three weeks.
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susceptible or imaginative complete frigidity in the female
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to keep the disease under control with the exception of
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end in a sudden fatal termination. The patient seems so much prostrated
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istic are the abdominal pains and diarrhoea which continue to
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when according to White a good revival would result. As
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continue to stay in hospitals when they no longer need
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lyzed that they are unable to stand or even flex and ex
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eflfluvia as on ship board in hospitals in garrisons in camps or
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the connective tissues. Thiersch found in the weakening of
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quite possible that diabetes would be favorably affected by x rays
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Leaving out of consideration those hemorrhages that are occasioned
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cutting the ends off short closing up the abdominal
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Preparation of Smears of Blood and of Blood Making Organs
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three inches to the left of the cardia near the left superior termination
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associated with the chorea as its cause. Thus chorea is to be ascribed
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The age at which consumption makes its attack is earlier in
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and when thoroughly washed out and then stained with the same solution
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amoeba itself. After certain kinds of local treatment as by irrigations of the
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are particularly liable to be further damaged by the toxins inhaled
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Voted that D Andrew P. Wiggin be disconnected from the
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during the fomentation and is to be preferred. When the
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present either where no worm had ever existed or after its complete
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His stateni gt nts were as follows Ah ohol is as dis
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mm tern is carefully performed the effusion is clear at its upper
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shoulder joint has been due to some injury which had fractured
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seven months ago in the ball of the left thumb. It had rapidly
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communication from Charles Schwarz Addison N. D. August
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To be applied with a hair pencil to enlarged tonsils etc.
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Congenital Varus. Dr. Bradford showed a child about two years of
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man Pasteur treatment had been given so that treatment paralysis or
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dost drawn into the depths of the lungs in inspiration are wafted
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dismissing the subject which we consider of vital importance
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of the forces which dwell within the body and which are nor
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when an epidemic of influenza was prevailing he was seized with acute
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Changes from syphilitic diseases from cancer and from eoUoid
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specifically its own. I have found that pustular matter and all