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keep epidemics secret in terms which might with advantage
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India, and even in the United States, doubtless as a foreign importa-
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Dr. \X. A. FixLAY showed a young sailor, who fell from the
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taneously and independently of the above-named authors, the same
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and was not analogous to gangrene of the extremities. As to
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A novel point relating to vaccination came up before the
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ure and by movement of the part, but gastralgia, like other neuralgias,
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specific gravity, while albiunin may not be present at all or be only in
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together by the pressure of air, so that there is only a narrow chink,
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posed to pressure against the bones at the sacrum, scapulae, knees,
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With reference to hemorrhage in the crus, Osier states:
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then be made, when the tumor may be readily detected. Higher up
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esting paper entitled "Notes on Scottish Medicine in the
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got rid of large quantities of mucus, and was soon restored to bed quite
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wholly of extrapelvic origin, its nature may be settled by an examina-
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S.W.— Surgeon on the in-patient stafl'and Surgeon on the out-patient
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nearly all the symptoms of asthma, but leaves some imexplained, par-
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litters) f m-nished with mattress, coverlets, and pillows, arranged
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camphor in sterilized almond or olive oil. These injections should
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ular in the choice of his parents, because the life of the arteries depends
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" The hospital and ambulance arrangements are on a great
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^^ ^ \v*^^u»r«> upon a cutaneous incision without the utmost
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£S0 per annum, with apartments, board, and attendance. Applications
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have been barely 1 (0.5). But had the vaccinated cases died
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from one of his concluding sentences, which runs as follows :
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Many years ago MuUer showed that lymph might be diluted