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of surgery OXYCEL ( oxidized cellulose, Parke, Davis
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and Charleston one each. From puerperal fever. New York
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the head. In some cases the body should be kept warm. The
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greater. Often a man, especially if his hold on life be a
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forearms passed into a condition of spasm resembling tetany.
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finger tip. Lemon juice is good for the gums; it is also whitening to
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The Pharmacopoeia of the North-Eastern Hospital for Children.
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with the title beneath, " L'Inviteuse." Or to give other illustrations
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Dr. Jay Perkins: " Medical Testimony on Insanity as an
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of oxydol to a solution of permanganate of potassium, the dark red colour
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Dr. Chapman advised ten drop doses of the tincture of
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resumed in half grain doses, every twenty minutes for two
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ocular muscles, was capable of curing constitutional
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done by medicines alone, such as iodine, iodide of potassium,
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type 1. He died on the eighth day of meningitis. There were symptoms
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years of age, a widow, who had suffered from obscure
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vent the discharge from soaking straight through opposite the wound
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sion — Apparatus," Dr. Henry H, M. Lyle, New York ; " Pott's Fracture
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tributions to orthopedic surgery, 45; Sajous, C. E. de M., annual
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the tuberculous complication prevented the result from being really
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The details of the procedure are given in the experimental part.
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7. Resnekov L, Chediak J, Hirsh J, Lewis HD Jr: Antithrombotic agents in
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bodies, with hyaline basis or connecting substance. The resem-
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The following remarks were made in the course of a discussion on facial