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the particular forceps for each tooth is indicated on a card. For-
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peritonitis, and in some other acute and painful diseases, the hypodermic
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were experts ready to take the stand and testify to
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The President expressed some objection to the term " zoniform " as
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ments have been made, especially during the past ten
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extracted from abscesses after incision, and the pa-
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with the traveller. Nevertheless, I tried the treatment upon some
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and the surface of the skin overlying the aftected organ
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in weight; or whether, on the contrary, they are not
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a few minutes before amputation of the leg. and afterwards found in the
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then} in three quarts of water to one quart, and add
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opathic, whether botanic or mineral, to her case ? Is lie not
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"The circumstances under which paracentesis ought to be performed for
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matter of much interest and some surprise is the fact
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w ithout fracture may be the direct and positive cause of a fibroma
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we could hardly account for a permanent anterior displacement ever
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important matter ; and since both appetite and digestion are
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difficulty kept warm ; that the circulation was seriously disturbed was
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undoubtedly show an active formation of young connective tissue. From
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only practice can give — make as good a diagnosis in his first case
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first point of importance is to clear the intestinal canal with a saline purgative