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The army regulations for the prevention of cholera are undergoing revision
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fatty disease in consumptives, this is probably due partly to the
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between fibroblasts (such as their abilities to produce par-
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second or third day. It is found, as after bleeding at the arm,
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presented at the Annual Conference of the Texas Association for |
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absorbed by the epithelium of the tubules to account for the concentra-
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lor. Discussion by Drs. Abner Post and J. J. Minot.
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Skye ; J. A. H. Duncan, Inchture; H. C. Evison, Lancaster; R. S. Ferguson,
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no use; it only leads to bewilderment both of patient and doctor : time
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surgery, as revealed by the titles of the papers, is one, appropriately
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the recommendatory letters ol Rev, Samuel Mother, Thomas Hooker, and Mr
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knowledged evil has not driven from it reasoning by in-
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margin of a shovel, that is» an instrument with a dull edge.
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for the first time that Freeman Skaggs was present from a period
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If the exploring finger has succeeded in locating the missile
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of time, a disorganization or absorption of the portion of the vessel
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shoeing, botany, pharmacy, materia medica, theory and prac-
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so well defined as not to be easily misunderstood, and hence need not
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* Muratori, in his Antiquities of Italy in the middle ages,
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verse colon. Below the meso-colon the jejunum appeared normal.
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i.^ body, nor the body without the mind cannot be weD.
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"alarming symptoms" bordering on suffocation. The pulse was
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in elevating it slightly ; but not finding it ascending sufficiently,
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been a part of the habit of mind which can deal satis-
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sidering the cause of this disease, more especially in ships.
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or political corporation, and the body is disposed of in
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provoketh the nutriment in the stomach, and lifteth it up ;
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Persons known to harbour filariae ought to avoid blows and injuries