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A striking contrast with the estimate of Sir G. Ballingall is

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scribed, the treatment for the other forms should consist

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One in Dr. Mason's service, which was brought to the

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publication was fixed for the middle of January. Dr. J. B.

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Diagnosis: — The presence of the characteristic micro-

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we made preparations of the superior cervical gangUon and of the

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but the coma soon deepened into complete insensibility with abolition oi

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At the meeting of the Minnesota Society of Neurology

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cream examined under the microscope showed one hundred

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and knees — and in Dr. Little's case on the cheeks.

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are increased. Patients thus ill usually throw off an excess of urea.

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tonitis or ascites unless the local capsulitis of the liver is only

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certain of the vital centres, such as the medulla, suffice at times to

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13 were of the string and band type. One case is too recent to

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the way iu which they, remain on the skin is quite dif-

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lodged itself in the right nates, and could not at first be

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propagate disease from the former to the latter, whilst the materiei

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to look upon his oflfspring on the same footing as my own brothers, and

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bivalent ion have an osmotic pressure of one-half or less of that of

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to be desired that in appropriate cases which come to autopsy, atten-

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life of the mother. Another method, and in my opinion far

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duce pain, and digital examination by the vagina, if pain has

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type of pneumonia have occurred. As the dust from only a com-

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time, are not likely to slight their work through haste.

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