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spaces. Lymphatic and venous obstruction no doubt play a part,

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their tints in a similar way to fresh flowers. Certain

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festations, these specific differences also exist. Thus, in gout,

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been advocated with the same object in view. I have personally

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cutaneous affection, soreness of the mouth or tongue,

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For extensive engorgements use astringents (cold water,

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healthy manner, all the functions of the body, and in the same ratio,

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As to the teacher of sex hygiene in the school : He or she must

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5,000 new terms have been defined in the present edition,

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quarters. With those that are very sick give them twice

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pletely close them by pressure, if not involve them directly in

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The following is a specification of the ' Surgeon's Case of

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intravenously. I have never seen any benefit follow the use of

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and sugar, in sufficient quantity to conceal the peculiar taste of the ferment The propor-

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of 220 feet every minute; this is equivalent to 33,000 lbs.

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on the pillow, after ablution, in a hot climate, thereby promoting sleep, without risk of

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ergotoxine, however, a reversed effect is observed; namely, inhibition

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German surgeon, wrote in 1542: ''An aneurism is the

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the same favor, and work with a-, little friction a-, in New Haven.

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encouraging arguments judiciously enforced will sometimes suffice