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study and teaching of obstetrics in our medical schools. Rout, E.
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tains the wards for operation eases and the aseptic
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Johnson supposes that tne causation of the lesions sustained
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those of spastic hemiplegia. Seeligmiiller' records such an
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were, the ncevi materni, particularly those of a red tint might, by skillful
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ous suture the flaps of peritoneum, and then closing the
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already been enumerated. The peculiar treatment which those
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derived from the urethra or are introduced from without the body. As
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the attention of English obstetricians to the limita-
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1889. His service as acting assistant surgeon terminated
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of the Union, the laws which they helped to make. I hope when these truths do
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surgeon ought not to wait till its true character has revealed itself; l)ut that
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seems that the immunity induced by one attack of an infectious dis-
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Dr. Batciieldok's directions for preparing the compressed sponge, and
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69. Williams, A. J. Indian equine piroplasmosis. Journ. of Compar.
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Prof. Wm. Tully, of Yale College, was appealed to by Samuel
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tive means of combatting poverty. Of course, it is not only a cause,
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German Empire, 104.2; then comes Austria, 87; Hungary, 59.6;
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prove the efficacy of arytenoidopexy, it will certainly be a won-
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movements of the forearm which cannot be attained when the olecranon, or
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tients this was soothing and delightful, but to him-
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tomist. We believe that there are few persons who upon seeing a dead body
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pneumonia. In two cases there were tubercles, or consumption
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during the transition period between Winter and Summer.
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ted in the reports of the superintendents. The office of
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were for the first time made clear. The macroscopic and microscopic tests,
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1 Archiv. f. Experiment Patholog. and Pharm., 1885, xx, 210.
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HARDT, of Stuttgart, in three cases, has successfully
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clinical physician knows that these drugs are most uncertain in their