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permanent mucous fistula from which bile never came.

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(b) Open Air Experiment with Tuberculous Cattle," Dr. J.

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of said board from death, resignation, or otherwise, the governor shall fill such

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results. This is manifested, on the one hand, by the

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experience of Ave new medicines employed in the medical

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In the Chicago Medical Examiner for June, Dr. J. N. Graham has

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substance was removed. It was an inch and a half of the iron rib

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stones, which was successful, but after which he did not

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so that a patient may suddenly lose power in both legs, or in the limbs

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know what a specialist is, but conclude it must be something awful.

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Meta Kunde, S.B., National Research Fellow in Physiology, University of

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crosis and ulceration, or the absence of any ulceration, and extreme

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oil vaccine in a manner similar to that of Experiment G. The first injections

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MsRZBACHER, L. UND SpiELMEYER, W. 1903 Beitr&ge zur Kenntniss des Flieder-

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The posterior part of the gland, or pars nervosa, is composed almost

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cumstanced, and not coming in contact with the parietes, affords

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the anatomical position of the eye's parallelism is the

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struum, it should be boiled, so that its most objectionable part may be

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Another culture obtained from a horse was found to belong also to the

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cular tonsils ; this tubercular tonsillitis is easily produced

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I have usually removed some of the upper layers of the

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lication of researches from Japan to America, and where

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the executioner — Porcius Cato, censor and physician . 53