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the quinia does, in cases of boils, but I have never
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ineffective or humiliating, may be extremely useful.
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in support of which he offers no proof — at least not in the work from
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the capacity, which is afterwards lost, of absorbing these substances in an
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ranks as one of the best. The subject is one which is difficult
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sent to all banks, business houses, etc., requesting that all moneys
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a physician ; that, in many instances, it has accomplished much more
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warded as early as possible to the chairman of the committee at Knox-
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tered ether by the rectum to several patients. In the first case
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with adrenalin as before has l^een found quite strong enough to
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IrUerpretalum. — ^A positive reaction almost without exception
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with additional rooms for the proper examination of patients.
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of these truly polychrest medicines, which have been brought to light
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and extends. In the most advanced stage deglutition is quite impossible ; the
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give useless anxiety to the patient, tend to diminish the authority of the physi-
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vision became nearly norjnal ; at the end of the month only the lower
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Passing by his house a few hours after my return to
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patient's serum in dysentery and Malta fever, he regards as diagnostic
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rus, which was rather diflBcult as some of the uterine tis-
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believes he found an hereditary predisposition in twenty-eight
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should exercise the function of a public teacher, and that
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respiratory murmur. The percussion note is natural. The skin is
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All these cases greatly resemble one another; and, from their
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the country where the gout prevails most extensirely.
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cepted and extended, especially abroad, and they found their culmination in
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vaccinated within the year. Reference to Table 1 will show that a