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Forceps, gouge: A strong forceps, cutting at the points, so as to

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and one operating theater in which about 300 operations were

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of a spontaneously formed coagulum. The patient had not expe-

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intense itching. At the end of twenty-four hours the

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March 22-26— Advanced Clinical Education in Child and Adolescent

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fault in not fore feeing the breaking of the navel -

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Minnesota Statutes 1945, Section 256.01, Subdivision 2

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ined, and not greater than in some cases of uterine preg-

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and subcutaneous tissue is cut from the antero-intemal aspect of the

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thrown stone and there seemed no serious results or

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any great extent for the medical historical classics.

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and inclining to a purple tinge, showing a sluggish state of the capillary

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As the eighties passed and as the nineties progressed, the physicians of Olmsted

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tibulocochlear Wallenan-like degeneration and retinal ganglion cell chromatolysis in dogs treated for 14 weeks at

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sary, in many cases, to administer codeine in small

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from each individual, in the aggregate it amounts to

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where there is profuse hemorrhage or where separation is very

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newness of thought and experience ; and, with certain

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digitorum just before it passed under the annular ligament. In another

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many workers, should be followed by surgeons in battle areas.

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Society on the Progress in Public Health in Ontario During the Past