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and saffron, with the water, down to a pint; strain, and

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pair <il coming up to the spirit of the requirement.

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is a very variable quantity. In Friedreich's case the absence of any

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afterwards the circulation is re-established in all the capillaries. The course

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admirably carried out and the adhesions in the anterior part of the

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when the machine is once started, we never expect, and these, with

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three times a day, and all received five drops of Squire's juice of belladonna, prepared by

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their way into tbe interior of tbe quills. The special nympb {Hypo-

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natural integumental folds, as the nasolabial and border of the hairy scalp

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The waste of bread, however, is not equal to that of

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lesions we observe in the cord, in cases of trophic disorders, which

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Affeetions of hearingr. — Affections of hearing are not regarded as

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ing that it did not reach the stomach. If the mucous lining

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enbeck's pathological collection in Gottingen ; he doubts, how-

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gleaned, except what every one knew, that large supplies

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to the credit of his colleagues or of mankind in general.

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1. The lagging of the voice, and the misdirection of energy

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nant, and contagious fever, prevailing particularly in the Asiatic

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panied by much hypersemia or swelling of the bronchial mucous

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good deal of blood with the urine, and pain attended

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lateral ligament, and is prolonged beneath the insertion of the sartorius.

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After a careful antiseptic cleansing, M. Reclus covers the wound

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The paper was discussed by Drs. Percy, Squibb, Mus-

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of tJie people of this country than State institutes.

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Dr. Wilson: I reported a case, several years ago, of a family

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