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Synopsis for Weather Observations for December, January, Febru-

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of the ribs and drag of the rest of the vertebral column.

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1. Ink, Shell-Lac. — Boil 1 oz. of borax, in 18 oz. of

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in this city, and everything looks favorable. I am sqrry Dr.

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and having beaten them up cook in water to a thin paste.

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by palpation of the abdomen, that a clue to the diagnosis was

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wrongful and misleading information, conjectures, theories and mere guesswork opinion

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Large surfaces become destitute of hair in the advanced stage.

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philos., 1838, T. L, pp. 136 and 6d7.—Andral, Anat. path., IL, p. 139.—

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without developed tuberculosis have been repeatedly found in the foetus of

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iRend before the Boston Society for Medical Observation, Decern

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author's position is made unnecessarily obscure both by the absence of

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pathological and bacteriological study of 2.3 autopsies

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morfonvdering. c^c. These names apply to one common disease

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much practice in these days, that, unless in the most

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Smith had made a bequest of $1,000 to this Society. The Secre-

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Looking neither higher nor lower in the mass of humanity, we

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tomy, the proximal jejunum was used to create a Roux-en-Y

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Re-Establishment with the assistance of the research department of the

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mistakably to the production of marked modifications in the

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these animals has varied from 24 hours to four to five days. The usual

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distinctly recognised as one of the causes of chorea, and

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disappeared entirely and you have nothing left except

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1. If death has been iostantaneous, and the cord removed immediately after

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pruritus, varying greatly in intensity, or by definite lesions ; these

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perforation. The abdomen was tightly distended with extravasated

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hands are very rarely affected at the same time ; that one