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waters, is subject to considerable fluctuation, while the
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lying on the back. Figures given by Hutchinson for the effect which
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Schantz, Stimson Pryor. Associate Professor of Surgery.
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stinence from pork, for the graminivora are not so peifectly
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tion against catarrhs, as against taking cold generally, consists
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applied and each coat allowed to thoroughly dry. The result is a
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A semicircular incision extending from the bridge of the nose to the
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Wednesday morning, August 10, until Tuesday evening, Au-
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best given about an hour before the sweating is expected, and if marked
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Early in February, a commission was sent by Surgeon-General
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autoimmune diseases including diabetes mellitus and celiac disease.
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first place increase, reaching a very high maximum and then slowly
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3fovements Produced hy Unequal Weights of Air. — When
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anerythropsia, Daltonism. — The spectrum is shortened owing to the absence
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after the second dose of Gelsemin and nitre. Ordered the
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to the tearing of the cervix, or tearing of the vagina. The
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other surgeons mentioned, is slightly above the medium
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There were 130 sick days from yellow fever. This has been the
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The report of the Committee on Prize Essays, was that the
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Benedick mentioned. It was this way : Along about '54
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of form, in the process of respiration. Its centre is convex
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very frequently possessed a moist, definitely bloody, cut surface and
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