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ment, and he culls and casts out from his flocks and herds all ani-

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tutional disturbance, but the blood did not become virulent

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They are best made of galvanized iron in portable lengths,

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The rash was generalised all over the trunk and extremities, but did

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the course of which albumin and casts were found in the urine for about two

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procedure is very definite. But only too often the patient's efforts

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the use of stimulants. Like amyl-nitrite nitro-glycerine dilates the blood-

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ova and sperm cells can generally be made out even among the

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At a subsequent visit we endeavoured to impress upon her mind

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tory results in wound-dressing. These dressings have

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as a hospital ship for the United States Navy, and named

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lung lesion is the immediate cause of death. In general we may say

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beyond doubt. My patient being already debilitated, antiphlo-

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tention to the pulse, but more to the patient, for I can conceive

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For the year 1979, a questionnaire was sent to the referring

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function of particular parts of the nervous system, the causal

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lapses, though one eye had already lost all percep-

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