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6. If you should be awake in your tent some night, reflect that there

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interest at 4 per cent from July 1, 1948, to July 1, 1949,

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stockings and carries the woman over on his back. This man did so; and his wife

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extensor muscle of the great toe, just below where the vessel emerges

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separately or registered with the State Board of Medical Examiners

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nurious wTetch, close in all his actions, of a very few words,

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delight in the grandeur of the scenery was suddenly replaced by

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The third plate was not one in which the patient was lying squarely

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snbject — ^producing, as nearly as poesible, the systole and diastole of the langs and

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&r as possible. Likewise, he should take some exer-

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the extensive angular incision may be required, and it may also

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Has never walked; intellect feeble; left arm and hand

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wave-like fashion over two or three interspaces, and again returns during

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gional involvement, resulting in very brittle bones

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representing the axis of motion of the whole rib ring regarded

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of this condition. Among German writers, Frerichs was the

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part of the stomach, no two persons will require the same length

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applied to a Medicine Man. The latter took his magic diagnosticator, (which

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be examined ; so that if there be any decayed teeth or stumps

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toiy good. During past two years, had suffered with

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viz., no catheter was introduced, the drainage tube was

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endangered. However, the weeding is going on — gradually

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excised, and a mass of omentum removed. Death resulted

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ber from East Tennessee, immediately rose and proposed an

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With unremitting care and ceaseless vigilance her physicians, like sentinels,

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in those predisposed to the disease, and in others with enfee-