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strangulated, the remoter and general signs will still predominate
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selected, which had been fed with the same kind and quality of food.
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In the infant, as in the adult, two influences are in operation, viz.
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during the riots last summer. A large number of persons
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economy ; the vitiation to which it is liable ; the method by
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hyalitio reaction, and was discharged yesterday, two
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other comprises the small intestine, pancreas, submaxillary
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asepsis is attained. He found that in twenty-five cases where
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dairy surroundings as well as the cows; that would provide pure
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w ithout fracture may be the direct and positive cause of a fibroma
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grow when a review is taken of the conflicting results and opinions held
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the slide in front of the plate, you expose for a space of
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have been kept, together with isolation of all suspected cases, pre-
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calculus, it was found in the pelvis of the kidney and had taken on the
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end of the pole and fastened to the rings on the hames ; the driver
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proposes to call "Myokimie," in which subjective sensory disturb-
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at. tMieariafrrmi IrHtatimi of the Sexual Organs. ByF. W. Vox Scis-
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and a brief resume of the physical, anatomical, and physi-
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January, once in April, September, November and December,
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peripheral blood, may suggest the diagnosis. In such cases the liver
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Reports, July, 1872, from Annates d'Oculistique, Sept., Oct., 1871.
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operation of each is based upon the same principle. This
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from Enge's theses which women carried children more than
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with the polynuclear leukocyte within it. The mononuclear cell