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substance. The method of administration by injection

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the patients referred to editorially in our last issue, is

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victims to the disease in great numbers. Those in the service of hospitals

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surface may have been the primary food source. Other, more ill-

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revealed meningeal myelitis with extensive cerebral and cardiac lesions.

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Sec. 12. The Council shall take charge of all the real and personal

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then open it. Mr Blakeman did not take the horse back again.

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foot (the ends extending above the condyles of the femur), is

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cases where women who have passed the change of life have

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Dr. Inches, Treasurer, submitthd his report. Income, f 40 ;

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hysteria with some other disease of the nervous system is a matter of

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room for exercise, out of sight and hearing of other hogs.

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It would seem to be superfluous to recapitulate the require-

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ests may apparently conflict. In the State "the greatest good

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of the Hypothenar Eminence. (2.) Alteration of Electrical lie-

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through, and others had become chilled by drinking very cold liquids. In 34

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ture; haemorrhage from the nose occurred, some pain in right

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»ity College, Liverpool, on Juno 12th, by an address

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true with less pressure, but unusually tender skin.

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6 oz. of sugar, ^ pint of water, 7 sheets of best French gelatine

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of the pelvis, its neck can be more readily reached and brought into

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after occlusion of a bile duct only (Figs. 1 and 2) as to constitute