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by exhalations from plague patients, and by drinking infected

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the medulla of the nerves is destroyed, and the axis-cylinders persist.

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infected mouse. On the other hand, the special medium devised for

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excuse for their occasional occurrence, but in places where no

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ing some hours after, and at night the patient had an attack of rigors.

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sympathetic causes vaso-constriction, increased secretion of sweat, and

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geons, whose very fingers seemed to think, of physi-

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the profession at large, in order that much good may accrue to the pro-

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fever. Indeed there may be good ground for the assertion that in this

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rest of the muscle, above and below, they would act as

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Heart and Pericardmm. — Usually no lesion is observable in the heart,,

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say that there are no symptoms due to damage of the corpus callosum as

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smelling ulcer, with a sloughy base, in the centre of the forehead, quite

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going from bad to worse and involvmg the kidneys in

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mark was left. From this time forward, about once a week, sometimes

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Excising with a knife is painful, and it was shown that the

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In five cases of natural infection in dogs they found the following:

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diet; a third, regarding it as a pure neurosis, employs various so-

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statistics with reference to the devastations caused by pests among

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peated twice a day for a week. During- this time it produced no important dimi-

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Bile pigment is frequently found in the blood in pernicious anemia,

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effects were seen in reproduction studies in mice and rats receiving

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wrecks it involved. Other incidents of danger, more or

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" This affection sometimes presents itself with a very marked predominance

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This fungus is present almost invariably in the saccharine