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nosis. Sclerosis and narrowing of the coronary arteries

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B. proteus vulgaris has been associated with food-poisoning by a

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use b\- a large number of practitioners in the United States and Canada.

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From the Centre for Agricultural Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.

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five individuals, the first exhibiting practically no difference.

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temporary aphonia. The hoarseness is supposed to have

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the normal canal, we will find some instances in which the

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were ordered, and repeated sundry times, but without ef-

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of medium consistence, and of pale pink color, with

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fact that different countries fall on the same isothermal lines

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enced doctor pronounces it gonorrhoea of the ordinary type, and

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For extensive engorgements use astringents (cold water,

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them. When slight, an attack lasts perhaps ten minutes, or if severe, an hour.