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There can be no doubt that sudden chills are quite as frequently the exciting causes

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principally by a regulation of diet, and in which the old adage,

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the cholera-like disease with which they were associated, and we have therefore

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bark so pervious to the air as the skin which envelops the human

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there may exist oedema of the lower limbs and puffiness of the face, and one may

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out sensation, and little perceptible vitality. It was impossible,

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say, once for all, that any peculiar shape of head, large or

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First Session. — Physics and meteorology, six hours per week ;

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this cause. They have starved in the midst of plenty. It is some-

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■ A message from the Food and Drug Administration.

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the serum to verify the earlier results obtained by the Depart-

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seized such women only as w T ere visited or delivered by a practitioner, or

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lower lobe of the left lung, which gave evidence of hepatization.

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a sufficient length of time to promote the fibrination of its contents, and eflbct

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form, which may cause constipation or diarrhoea, and

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to the blood. In most cases an examination of the latter is made when