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Pasteur Institute of India, Kasauli, Senior .\fember : Captain \Vm.

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fixing the hand from the transverse flexion-furrow in

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sion for an eldest son which a Baronetcy rendered need-

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but enhances the antitoxic properties of the blood they admit into the

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375 Professor Richard James Arthur Berry, M.D., F.R.C.S. Ed.

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of opinion prevailing that there is in the treatment of other

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rupture of the fibers of the sphincter by the thumb.

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presented to the student with the highest performance in the sophomore pathology course.

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great physical labor does not occur. Furthermore, the stimulating

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sonally, after treating many of these cases, I consider

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rabies, however, are in reality only cases of pseudorabies.

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persons in whom death had been preceded by dropsy and

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