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they become more pronounced and no longer admit of any
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In this connection, we would refer the reader to a lec-
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pathological and bacteriological study of 2.3 autopsies
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ulcer. Her mother is alive, but an invalid with rheumatism. One sister died
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wald^ that the occurrence of mirror \vriting is associated with
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1 Recently in a rabbit by intravenous inoculation, Paine and the writer have
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upward. It is thus very different from a true systemic lateral sclerosis; for
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mask was begun. Her wounds were thoroughly cleansed
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found that nearly the entire surface of the swelling was necrotic
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The collection of neurones last described is continuous forward
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the lymph or in the method of vaccinating. Such cases of deferred
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and fauces. In about sixteen hours, which was generally
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The following letter, which has been sent to the homoeo-
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Council on Public Health; Council on Public Relations;
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24, 1854, ordered : '' That no hoi-se could be slaughtered, under a
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of physiological solution of sodium chloride, also with 2|
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large portion is extruded, a weight may be attached and
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beneficial to him. I refer mostly to the proper phys-
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his more favored brethren who have devoted themselves to a
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almost equal the latter, being at times as much as, say, a small
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sipelas or St. Anthony's Fire, for nearly eleven months.
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*^The houses, generally built of wood, are, many of then*, in a state
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