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out, and was satisfied that the bone had not been touched. The
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boy's idle time during a day, especially ivhen going thru a course of intensified train-
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perforations of the small intestine, or vermiform appendix. The in-
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An examination of the cranial autonomic ganglia showed us
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also of the vaso-constrictor fibres, with dilatation of the sub-
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degrading the test of merit to the money standard —
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creatic disease is its protean character. The clinical features of an
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take such a mass of meat for any length of time without
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6. After mobility the child should have a chance and electricity
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probability that the protection of a considerable part of the community by in-
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nate diarrhoea has already been mentioned among the causes of
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Gregory, James Glynn, B.A., Yale, '65 P. & S., N. Y„ '68 Norwalk.
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mitted into Ward 23, March 21st, 1890. He had a good family and
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lic health. The hoard makes a report to the Legislature annually in
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of the first, and of later date, its construction being
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fering with sleep. His wife described these attacks as
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A Boston surgeon whose work b well known to CUNIC readers
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diarrhea of bacillary dysentery, especially through the use of opium.
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tion to the special bravery of the medical officer of
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sities to confer a Veterinary Degree in Public Health,
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by the appropriate column, but such cases will generally be deficient
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who assumed its management is not, after all, one of
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by the reading of the minutes of the last meeting, which were approved
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percussion will give dullness, palpation reveals absence of vibrations
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that the median incision was the preferable one in these