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200 Late Relapse of Tick-borne Relapsing Fever Following Treat-

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tumor in the mastoid region made its appearance, from which in the course

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primarily seemed to have been in making the diagnosis. Yet

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Section 1. The titular officers of the Association shall be a President

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to recognise that severe pain in the ear is more often indicative of purely

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morbid process their causes and relations and effects, may be said

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cured by treating it as such. It may be necessary in

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ly emerged from the periods of superstition and credulity, and

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cooking facilities or for other reasons, the travel ration may be

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being conscious that the extraction had been effected.

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blue, color. The hydrochlorate of physostigmine fields

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able difiiculty in accomplishing complete section of the tendons, some

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There was no organic constriction in any part of the

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jectiles on the other substances in their vicinity.

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next year a similar attack of obscure mental debility followed.

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children in ibrrow upon the ferpent's account. Mau-

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Epidemiologist, United States Public Health Service.

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he also reacted, because it never occurred to him to doubt that

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being swallowed. I cannot say how much of the solution, which contained

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rence for hemorrhages from the nose, mouth, gums, throat,

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hours and a half after four-mile time-row. Pulse 98;

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during the latter, it is equally or nearly as needful to look after

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part of right lung, about three inches below clavicle.

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5. The door or window of exit must be promptly closed and

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ally worn glasses in reading, but could dispense with them with-

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hypothesis that the uric acid in the body is formed