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obtained by any but scientific men. — Edin. Cor. jV".

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seem to become rapidly complicated by large retro-rectal adenopathies.

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would be about 1,500° F. On my arrival at his house, about

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passed many years of his life. Sir Richard Baker wrote

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As the total of deaths, according to the post returns, is eleven, and the

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plaster or dressing underneath it, will also now become advisable.

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may see exactly how a class election should be held. Tom Reed

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beginning below and behind the mastoid process, and ending at the

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helm,^^ Weinberg and Seguin,^^ and in this country by Herrick,"

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as a blanket in retaining the bodily heat. The emaciation which

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celled^ as they have done, in the making of glass, of linen,

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oughgoing application of the reBOurcea of hydrotherapy, phototherapy, thermotherapy, maeaa re,

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no special treatment unless they show a tendency to get bigger. More con-

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advantages for all classes and conditions of men, whether in the

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Gairdner on the " Tcstamenttiry Capacity of Aphasics," Dr. Bastian

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diseases in the event of intervention to the south of this country, officers

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troduced by a section on Growth (3 weeks) which includes aspects

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on, or is connected with, enlargement of the heart. He remarks,

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20 per cent, of cellulose as against 9 per cent, in the decor-

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this operation. In the case recorded by Dr. Gardner, where