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which we owe to our patients, to ourselves, and to science,

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healthy manner, all the functions of the body, and in the same ratio,

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named primarily according to location, while general infections

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pomt of the tusk is worn off", and the part that was

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the remainder in the North, and the Southern people, as a class,

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week the upper douche, half bath, and full bath about

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are beautifully reproduced, and the descriptions of the morbid anatomy

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of the intra-abdominal fat. There are other conditions also which

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as albumin in the urine, a high tension pulse, and hypertrophied heart.

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would be greatly increased, and he had little doubt that,

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and also to have synopses of the points of interest decided at Executive

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Status on Admission: temperature, 104 F.; pulse, 104; respirations, 44; bilat-

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the 22d oh., when was presented the report of Georges

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for irrigating purposes renders it possible to stimulate the

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decidica vera^ and then from the decidua rfflexa^ and afterwards

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of War, as the Ladies' Committee have decided to suspend entirely the supply of Comforts to the

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In pneumo-pericardium the conditions are almost the contrary ;

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treatment, this is a point not always kept sufficiently in view. The question

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ing or experienced in the course of these complaints.

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passed as an amendment, or " rider " to the Armv appropria-

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ever, so clearly shown by Dr. Steinerkopf that it must be

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as to positions of head or breech, or infant mortality.

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Graham {Journ. Med. Research, Boston, 1907, July) has performed a

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during treatment, and while the drug is still in the alimentary canal, these

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never seen similar blood discharges take place towards the end

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urging its performance, ■jve were called to Mrs. R., who had

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limitans, and below this is the motor tegmentum. The latter

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but seizing the cut end of the vessel with strong for-