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— Prof, von Esmarch, the director of the surgical clinic at
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finds a punctate parenchymal necrosis which is far more pronounced than when
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..." Under the microscope these successive changes are demonstrated in equally definite
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centage of deaths from diphtheria not treated with antitoxin is given for
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of birth, unless the child is not in a fit and proper state of health
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addressing L. W. Noyes, 99 West Monroe Street, Chicago.
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pair. This is the fundamental, basic principle to which the static
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(biochemistry), L. Root, E.A. Salvati (orthopedics),
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important a structure as a medical school should be fixed in a
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ed by the use of blisters; and believe I can truly si^
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ought to have half a dozen Willard Parker Hospitals in
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Manuscripts, except for Case Reports, Epitomes, and Lessons From the Prac-
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the north. Quite often do we, in cases of sickness, see
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of the lower edge of the wound, and the latter closed with Ave or six
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them, however, has just been completed. Each barrack building is capable
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exertion in this direction. We are all impressed with the
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It gentled the positive and ardent nature, once ready
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Proprietary foods with very low fat percentages are acknowledged as
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particularly that the accurate and full registration of Vital Statis-
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fessor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, sought to create a proce-