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Although this case is full of interest in all its aspects, I must refer

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This is a parasitic disease of animals and man, caused by

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urged by Unverricht and others against the attribution to the cerebral

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we should select for special attention those parts where the

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younger school of bacteriologists is also rapidly assuming

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under the most trying circumstances, and that you will at all

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than a small modern manual of practical information about

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antumnal seasons. The exciting causes are any and everything,

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infection in this case all remain unclear. Although the pa-

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are present, a disseminated suppurative encephalitis.

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ground for the occurrence of amyloid disease of the abdominal

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tein, are of little real value in yielding the desired energy because, as

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mentioned. 43 Woorara is named among the remedies employed

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and women, and there have been scores and hundreds of these, whose

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diable lasts, the tip-tilted nose may be forgiven in a

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History. — Although several Oriental medical writers refer to peculiar

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Diseases of the Lungs. By Robert H. Babcock, M.D. London :

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optic and oculo-motor nerves. Examination of the topographical relations

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pregnancy, the hemorrhagic tendency was manifested in the

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of the Atlantic, where they are few and far between. The wori-

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