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such impulses that changes in heart rate occur during emotional ex-
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you must endeavour to follow it by means of corresponding motion of the slide ;
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physicians. Very properly, therefore, in every European country
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the quantity of nutriment contained in a quart of its mother's
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Upon this subject — the shoeing of the horse — is one
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November loth. Swallowing, speech, and hearing near-
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It was decided to hold their meetings at regular intervals hereafter.
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certified emergency medical technologist to make the pro-
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Determine the Date of Death," report of M. Descoust ;
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must admit expert testimonj', and all expert testi-
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dish colored serum escaped. The meninges of the brain and
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of the prevalent diseases of this climate ; he is said to have
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confounded with cerebral abscess. It is in the syphilitic cases which
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size of the child's head. From excess of precaution, I desired this
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reaction with clinical manifestations of syphilis. The remaining
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with atony of the uterine muscle, without which as a prece-
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68° F. E\ery eight days, water was taken from the tubes
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tissues about the break is gradually absorbed and at the end of a
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experienced good effects from the Chloride of Calcium.
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always suspicious, if ^"here be nodules that are movable in the
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moderate. It is incorrect to assume that the respiration is improved
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shall together constitute the Council of the Association.
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santly destroys them in physiological conditions. There are morbid
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On motion, the report was accepted, and the Secretary, and Drs.
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Remarks. — The history is of a sickness lasting six months ; wasting,
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cream examined under the microscope showed one hundred
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peritoneal luinbo-abdominal incision." If, on account
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The knowledge which medical men possess of the diffuse
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the destruction of important structures, than to cut at once
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ing ocular defect often completes the cure. < toeasion-