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Venereal Warts. Equal parts of burnt alum and tannin
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by showing that one way, it is proved impossible that it can be pro-
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more rapid emaciation and more intense fever, the total dura-
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of light, and spasm of the lids are much greater than in adult life. Yet
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To these various pieces of evidence of a constricted condition of at
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ment which had proved very satisfactory in his hands. This consists of
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Wood’s drug store. He came from Hattisburg, Illinois, and practiced here about
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are immoral women; 37 were murderers, and as such executed.
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order the immediate (quarantining and isolation of the diseased or sus-
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of the monasteries by Henry VIII. in 1542, and the times
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Benzoini Tinctura Composita (Compound Tincture of Benzoin).
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Emergency Medicine in Surgery. Assistant Professor of
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so bad, and the c^ise so hopeless, that the only chance
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themselves, while one entire family of six or seven members I
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^iven to one man to make a greater addition to it than
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weakened that the weight of the liquid would tear it. The upper
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preferred Maclaine's tables, in which Andronicus II. is said
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proves insuilJcient, and (2) introducing a tarred rope or oakum setoji as a
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procedure. Very few cases were treated by the Dakin-Carrel
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and often inexplicable outbreaks of diseases which can not be wholly
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when there is a probability of structural change in the liver,
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what I have heard him say this morning, our citizens would put