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to carry the point thence in the direction of what seemed to

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not allow a new scientific building to be long delayed, if

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reduced. Dr. Meigs mentions two cases of this kind, in one of which

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Gentlemen, I hope you will not worship the Golden Calf, though

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September 7. Dr. M. M. Hargraves, Rochester, present-

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ported health status (a checklist of 34 medical conditions);

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discharges, continuing to suckle too long, excessive indulgences, onan-

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represent a considerable advance from the early attempts of

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formation of the abscess of the prostate. Severe perineal pain and

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probably chlorine in most cases ; indeed, a deposit of chlorides has

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is supposed and should be considered in all of the acute abdominal lesions.

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splints on both sides from the axillae to the feet; if the bladder is in-

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Tell me a little bit about your sister and your younger

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tact with the pharyngeal wall. If you do not get it

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pressible, while the left side may be easily overcome

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either by a visit of some member of the staff to lecture and

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infiltration rather than that of cavitation ; for, though complete

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Newcastle-on-Tyne21.6; Nottingham 18.4; Sheffield 20.1: Sun-

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or as the first abnormal change on the healthy side in phthisical

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way, and a case of gunstocks, weighing about two liundreil ])0unds, fell

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tions, it fell to 5 to 10 per cent., so much did Listerism accom-

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the flank wound. The following day the patient had a marked rise of

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and respiration. I have, however, twice operated in such

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practitioner that we must look for promptness in getting suitable cases