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forty years, and who may be regarded as helpless as regards any other,
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the other half of the stem was reduced in size by cutting away the
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body injured. The amount of functional interference resulting
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Active liver disease or unexplained, persistent elevations in liver function tests (see WARNINGS).
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McMaster) , that we can refer to it with perfect impartiality. We
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In the same city the relative mortality in the sexes may vary from year to
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Underwood has reported a case of purpura ha3morrhagica as a sequel of
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half ounces of thick pus were withdrawn, Tlie canula was left in the pericardial
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it dangerous for othnr patients, and several nurses
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communicated an improved method for the detection of the bacillus
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gi-anules dance with great activity. Suddenly long, thread-like processes
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subject of loss of gold by volatilisation. The fact
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or in any way qualified to make such an examination ?
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excretion was determined in addition, to study renal function in more
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the operation, while the patient was wearing a strong truss. The cases in
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Orepis glauca, T. & G. Fl. N. A. ii, 488 (1843).
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once to the hospital. On arrival, a similar patch had
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A further analysis of the three prophylactic tables is as follows :
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the miliary character of the deposits distinguishes tuberculous from ordiuary
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The Ontario Division of the Canadian Red Cross Society has under-
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luxuriant as to prevent a horse from eating with any
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order of Primates as they are very sensitive creatures, of strong
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present in large numbers (5,000,000 per of blood). These cells
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slow in procuring tliis evacuation, we should seek for 9pee^
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