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of cases have been dealt with in detail by Colcott Fox and other writers,

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head ; general convulsions ; incontinence of urine ; albuminuria ;

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symptoms they present on entrance to the hospital may differ in no way

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of the eyes of children at the elementary schools ; he concludes, therefore,

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is lack of appetite, the skin is sallow, yellowish, scarred and indurated from injections. Abscesses are common,

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mean temperature was 39.7°, or 2.7° below the average for the

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experience of Ave new medicines employed in the medical

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The Nervous System and its Constituent Neurons, designed

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mixture composed of diluted sulphuric acid 10.0, mucilage of

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had fallen; six or eight hours later he called his doctor who could

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scabs and crusts before the formaldehyde is applied. A bit of

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the book is comprehensive, as its title implies, and its

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series of 84 patients in whom an aneurysm was treated while

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and diligent soldier. Had rigors early this morning, fol-

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puncture. Uraemic convulsions can be controlled by chloroform,

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blessing, one object, one passion in existence. Some people say it ought

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reprinted from the Science Monthly, may be made note of as a basic

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