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good taste nor convenience. Skirts and pants do not harmonize.
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the kidneys were found gorged with blood. Extreme congestion
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occasionally, for I am not much of a marksman but I have a pretty
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into the rectiim, I fail to find any aid to the diagno-
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of Philadelphia. Prompt surgery was resorted to, pus tubes and appen-
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some bones, shank bones of two legs of mutton, 3 onions, some
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supplied me by Messrs Reed & Carnrick in powdered form, pre-
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in the cases observed by Desruelles, Cazalis, Demarquay, and Ber-
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an estimated population of 11,404,408, for the week ending
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thorough examination it was determined that the patient was suffering
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thick voice is more characteristic of naso-pharyngeal growths,
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any extended examination of this subject. It is of the utmost importance that
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degrees, under various influences, attained to its present
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the results of their simultaneous existence in the same media.
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the degeneration was due to mechanical causes. In No. 17, (?,
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the seat of consecutive anatomical changes. In the latter in-
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the disease — an increase in the amount of urine excreted and a marked and
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oral histopathology and oral diagnosis, to introduce the student to
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780. Custard — Ingredients — lyi qts. rich milk, I cup sugar, yi box
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Mania a Potu. — In the iV. O. Medical and Surgical Journal for
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' A somewhat similar explanation was suggested by Dr. H. D. Rolleston in 1896 (vide
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to the natural sequence. In point of fact, loo, the physiological essay was
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examiners and nurses ; and he should be called upon to provide free
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almost every diagnosis is formed ; and, when we consider
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speech are also very common, but happily often transitory. They consist
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1893 g. — Zur Anatomie und Entwicklungsgeschichte der Tanien < Arch. f. mikr.
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who, I was informed, passed solutions of iodine and nitrate
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never had had haemoptysis. On the left side, respiration was