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The dissemination of a gas takes place very rapidly in the at-

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2. — (a) Distal end of leg of Ohorioptes or Otodectes . IC

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professional advancement ? How can one, engaged in a life-work

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The influences of his early life had led him to wish

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The ciTcumscrihed form of gangrene may be recognized,

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Carbolic Acid. A ca^e was reported a very few years

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dangerous hemorrhage continued after the operation.

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Employers act to divest themselves as quickly as possible of

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Upsali.e in auditorio Carolino Majori 1741 <Amcen. Acad, [etc.], Lugd.

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to bed, with a hot stone wrapped in wet cloths put to the

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This disease consists in inflammation of the lamina?